Let Them Play Book: A Triathlon Across America

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A Note from Eric Byrnes

The Let Them Play Foundation's 2018 Triathlon Across America was our celebratory coming out party...

After a 7 mile swim across the San Francisco Bay, which included a chance encounter with a juvenile great white shark, a 2400 mile bike ride to Chicago, and a 905 mile run from Chicago to NYC, the trans-continental triathlon was complete with an NYPD escort across the George Washington Bridge and into Old Yankee Stadium. 

We can try all we want, but the truth is that there are no words to describe what we experienced. 

There are certain times in life when we will experience something so physically and emotionally overwhelming that the only way anyone will truly be able to comprehend it is by going through a similar experience themselves...

That said, as we made our way across the country, we documented the arduous trek just about as well as we could… The aforementioned shark, insane heat, extreme elevations, dirt roads, salt fields, 100 flat tires, gun shots, golf ball sized hail thunderstorms, tornado touchdowns, a jacked up Achilles, a bad toe infection and over $60,000 dollars in grant deliveries to youth activity organizations across the country were all part of the humbling experience.

Now, we bring you the Let Them Play: A Triathlon Across America coffee table book that shares our adventure as well as we can through pictures and words.

PLUS: You'll also get access to download an epic audiobook narrated by yours truly...

All of the proceeds from this book and audiobook will go directly to the Let Them Play Foundation and allow us to continue delivering grants to youth activity organizations all across the country.

For those who followed along last summer, I just want to say thank you for fueling the journey. Along the way we, undoubtedly encountered some DARK days that had me questioning whether or not we would ever make it to New York City. These were the days that I would draw inspiration from your support of both the Triathlon and the Foundation.



This 8.5" x 11" full-color commemorative coffee table book brings the journey to life and will be a great conversation starter in your living room!

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*All proceeds go to the Let Them Play Foundation.

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Order the Let Them Play Book(and get instant access to audiobook!)

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